Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.

In an exciting time at Goalball UK with the chance to #JoinOurJourney, let’s check out our latest weekly roundup!

It has been great to read the response to the opportunities to join the Goalball UK team and the #GoalballFamily. Take time to see if these opportunities would be for you!
We’re glad they had a great time learning about Paralympic sports, especially goalball!
A great video here from Dr Amit Patel on the difference it makes to receive positive support from other members of the public when out and about.
This week saw some excellent videos from British Blind Sport and RNIB as part of the #SeeSportDifferently, check them out and find your new favourite sport!
What a shot!! Slow-motion video here of a player shooting during a goalball game in a school session.
South Yorkshire Goalball Club rocking their new Goalfix Eclipse eyeshades!

Make the weekend yours #GoalballFamily!