Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.

It’s Friday (woo!), the day where we select our favourite social media activity from the #GoalballFamily and beyond.

This week we are dedicating the round-up to the amazing effort shown by the goalball community to fundraise for Great Britain player Megan Smithson-Booth.

Along with the donations that were made, there was an array of heart-warming messages of support for Megan and we wanted to compile a handful of them for you all to enjoy.

Dylan Malpas, England Blind Football Sighted Goalkeeper and Teacher at RNC gave his thoughts on the amazing achievement when the fundraising target was met for Megan’s surgery!
Ian Braid was next in wishing Megan well after the target was met (in under 48 hours!!)
Goalball UK CEO Mark Winder reiterating the fact that the #GoalballFamily are amazing!
Georgie Bullen, Great Britain team mate shared a lovely message promoting people to donate to ensure Megan can keep her Paralympic dream alive.
The togetherness in the Great Britain squad shone through with Sarah Leiter also getting involved!
And finally, we hear from Megan herself who was speechless after the support from the #GoalballFamily!

Incredibly the £5000 target was smashed in under 48 hours. Donations are still being accepted, so if you didn’t get a chance to donate you can still do so, with the extra money going straight into the Goalball UK’s high performance talent pathway to support more rising stars of goalball like Megan.

Donate to support Goalball UK here.

Stay cool #GoalballFamily!