Goalball UK is the national governing body for Goalball in the United Kingdom and is the representative of Goalball in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Goalball UK is a charitable company (charity no. 1136892) limited by guarantee, incorporated on 26th February 2010 and registered as charity on 14th July 2010.

The company is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association which establish the objects and powers of the company. The affairs of the charitable company are governed by a “Board of Trustee Directors”. The trustees are accountable for ensuring that Goalball UK meets its charitable objectives and for the overall performance of the company.

Aims and Purposes

The company’s purpose, as set out in the objects contained in the Articles, is to promote and facilitate the playing of Goalball as an amateur sport in all parts of the United Kingdom for the purpose of recreation, physical exercise and competition.

The stated mission of Goalball UK is “To raise the profile of Goalball throughout the UK, promote participation in the sport and achieve success on the international stage.”

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A number of values underpin the company’s aims and objectives:

  • To ensure all our people are valued
  • To promote integrity, responsibility and endeavour
  • To be inclusive in everything we do
  • To encourage the development of our players from playground to podium
  • To continually strive for sporting excellence

Youth Tournament

The company’s vision is “As the NGB for Goalball, to be recognised nationally and internationally as creating the best possible environment, structure and facilities for the development of Goalball players in the UK to compete both domestically and internationally.”