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South Wales Goalball Club

Croysutt Warriors

Adventures with Aggie

Adventures with Aggie is a storytelling podcast to share the adventures of athletes and sports executives. We speak about how the power of sport impacts lives and defines adventures.

PSS iTalk – Audio Feature – The Sport of Goalball

Welcome to PSS iTalk, an advice and information service delivered by the Partially Sighted Society for anyone who experiences life with sight loss. Today they talk to Kathryn Fielding about the sport of goalball.

New Year’s Honour For Goalball Champion – Emma Evans

Emma Evans was included in the New Year’s Honours list for 2021, in recognition of her passionate support and promotion of goalball.

The MBE will recognise her creation of the UK’s first goalball team to be invited to take part in the European Super League, her tireless fund raising for the sport and her drive to get UK Civil Servants involved in the sport for visually impaired people.

RNIB Connect Radio’s Allan Russell spoke to Emma to find out how she became involved in the game and why the sport’s development has become a passion.

Scottish Disability Sport – Tuesday Night Live with Samantha Gough

Spotlight On… Goalball

4 Winchester goalballers and a coach stood behind a Goalball UK banner

It’s a Paralympic summer, but don’t just watch the sports, try them!  

Parasport’s Spotlight On… series offers a quick glimpse into the world of a Paralympic sport – the thoughts, feelings, emotions and behind the scenes details that may be hidden to the outside world.

In the next part of the series, we spoke to Kelsey Trevett, who used to make long journeys from Watford to Winchester to begin a goalball journey which went on to lead him to the Royal National College Goalball team.

Scope – “I wish I’d started playing goalball sooner” by Jade Burniston:

Jade standing in front of a goal ably to through a ball

‘I thought I didn’t want to play a sport associated with my disability – now I wish I’d started playing Goalball sooner’

As well as being a Scope helpline advisor, Jade is a keen goalball player. Here Jade, 27, from Leeds, tells us more about how she got involved in the sport.

Kathryn introduces us to Goalball

Kathryn joins us for Open Day 2021 to let the nystagmus community know all about Goalball. Meanwhile, you can find out more about Kathryn and her sport in the guest blog post below.

Goalball UK Youth Forum members – Jacob Hare and Terrelle Iziren

Written by Jacob Hare and Terrelle Iziren

Goalball UK Youth Forum members Jacob and Terrelle are two Croysutt Warrior teammates who began playing goalball within the last year. In this post we will be discussing our experiences as young people playing goalball in south-east England.

Interview with Kathryn Fielding of Goalball UK

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Interview with Antonia Bunyan, GB Women

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Sports Aid – Sarah Leiter

Goalball TV (Quiet Please!) – Faye Dale

TheBlindJournalist: BBC North West Tonight Goalball Package

Sporting Heritage Podcast – Goalball: What’s The Story?

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The Sounds of Goalball

Hear the sounds of goalball from the perspective of one of the players. Be sure to listen with headphones.

Goalball proves tricky to master

BBC Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell attempts goalball, a Paralympic team sport designed for blind athletes.

Bushell finds that attempting to judge the position and movement of the ball by the sound of the bell inside it is a tricky task.

Image of Goalball player defending