Goalball UK Anti Doping Annual Report 2021UKAD logo

This report provides a summary of Goalball UK’s anti-doping activities undertaken between December 2020 to December 2021.

UK Anti-Doping in collaboration with DCMS published a revised National Anti-Doping Policy which places greater emphasis on the role Sport National Governing Bodies play in the Clean Sport landscape. To this end all Sport NGB’s in receipt of public funding are required to meet the criteria of UK Anti-Doping’s new Assurance Framework.

Following the publication of the new UK Anti-Doping Assurance Framework, Goalball UK’s Board of Directors have:

  • Appointed Alison Burchell as the Board’s Anti-Doping Lead.
  • Appointed Faye Dale as the Goalball UK’s Anti-Doping Lead.
  • Adopted UK Anti-Doping rules in full and without amendment (December 2021).
  • Approved and published Goalball UK’s revised Anti-Doping Policy (December 2021).

In addition, the Assurance Framework has enabled to Board to discuss anti-doping and progress in achieving compliance at each of its Board meetings since July 2021.

Clean Sport Education Strategy and Implementation Plan

In April 2022 Goalball UK’s new Education Strategy and Implementation Plan will come into action. It is designed to ensure clean sport education is provided to all athletes, athlete support personnel and other persons, whilst providing Goalball UK’s full membership with relevant anti-doping information. Document is awaiting review from UK Anti-Doping before Goalball UK Board approval in 2022.


All athlete support personnel received information regarding the prohibited list changes for 2022 via email. Goalball UK disseminated the updated prohibited list changes for 2022 via its website and social media channels.

6 High Performance athlete support personnel have completed the UK Anti-Doping Clean Sport Advisors Online Course.

Board Anti-Doping Lead completed UK Anti-Doping eLearning, attended UKAD’s introduction to the Assurance Framework, a workshop on developing the Education Strategy and the Clean Sport Forum.

Goalball UK’s Anti-Doping Lead completed UK Anti-Doping eLearning and UKAD’s Education Strategy workshop.

2 athlete support personnel signed up for UK Anti-Doping Educators’ course in January 2022. Once completed, they will be Goalball UK’s Anti-Doping Educators to deliver on Clean Sport Curriculum workshops in line with the Education Strategy.


By 31 December 2021, 100% of the UK Anti-Doping Assurance Framework requirements will be submitted to UK Anti-Doping for review.


1 High Performance athlete underwent in-competition testing at an IBSA international tournament in 2021.