View of a standard Goalball UK stand at a university volunteering fair, with Steve Cox standing and smiling at the side.Each week we are digging through the Goalball UK archives to look back at some of our favourite memories from the sport from years gone by.

The Goalball UK season is usually in full swing by mid-October following a couple of busy weeks for Steve Cox, visiting University Volunteer Fairs up and down the country.

Last year this included visits to the University of Birmingham (24th September), Sheffield Hallam University (26th September), the University of Bristol (27th September), the University of Sheffield (3rd October), York St John’s University (10th October) and then back to Sheffield Hallam University again (14th October).

Alex Cockerham, who has recently joined the Goalball UK staff team as a Project Officer, was then a student at Sheffield Hallam University and a Goalball UK volunteer. He therefore volunteered to help Goalball UK at both of the Sheffield Hallam University Volunteer Fairs!

Alex Cockerham, at the time a Goalball UK activator, showing an interested student all things goalball.

Armed with some pull up banners, leaflets and a TV showing footage of a game plus, of course, a goalball and a pair of eye shades, these fairs are great for simply raising awareness of the sport amongst large student populations. What is an even better outcome though is when students decide to sign up to volunteer as an Activator, if this interests you please use the following link to sign up for future opportunities: Goalball UK – Volunteering

If an extra incentive is required, this can usually be provided in the form of a Goalball UK branded ‘freebie’ such as a pen, notebook or lanyard! Chocolates are also often used to initially entice students over to the stand!

Such methods prove successful, as was the case last year, when a number of students signed up to help out at tournaments in Sheffield, Bristol and Birmingham. Interestingly, international students often show a great deal of enthusiasm resulting in an array of nationalities goal judging and table officiating. To date this has included students from China, Columbia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Korea and the USA! So not only are we gradually educating the UK about goalball but we are helping to spread the word about goalball around the entire globe!

A group of international students volunteering at a tournament in Bristol

Thank you to everyone who has ever volunteered for Goalball UK. Tournaments especially can’t take place without volunteers so if you (or someone you know) is interested in volunteering in the future please email