Last weekend, 6 Elite Goalball teams gathered in Birmingham for the final tournament of the 2014/15 Elite League.

As always, the tournament was fiercely competitive, with tense and exciting matches coming one after the other. The stamina of each player was tested following a long and gruelling season, which tested their skill and ability.

The final of the tournament was contested by Leicester (Georgie Bullen, Joe Dodson and Frederik Bauch) and Cambridge (Filmon Eyassu, Sarah Leiter, Michael Sharkey, Anna Tipton and Warren Wilson), with Leicester securing a 9 – 4 win. This win meant that Leicester finished the weekend with a 100% win record, a fantastic achievement.

The top scorers for the weekend were:

Men’s Top Scorers:

1st – Frederik Bauch (Leicester) 48
2nd – Dave Butler (Nottinghamshire) 31
3rd – Graham Bickerdike (Kirklees) 29

Women’s Top Scorers:

1st – Georgie Bullen (Leicester) 10
2nd – Laura Perry (RNC Hereford) 8
3rd – Antonia Bunyan (Composite) 7

For full results of the tournament, Click Here.

The result of the tournament mean that Leicester finished the season as 2014/15 Elite League winners! Congratulations Leicester!