Competition Format

One pool of seven teams. Teams based on the draw will play four of the six other teams. After each team has played four games, there will be two playoff games: 1st vs 2nd (Gold) and 3rd vs 4th (Bronze). The remaining 3 teams will be ranked in the order they finished in the pool after playing their four games.  

Teams = Birmingham, Fen Tigers, London Elephants, Northern Allstars, Phoenix Blaze, RNC Academy, and Winchester Kings.  

Results and Goalscorers

Day 1 – Saturday 15th June

Game 1, 09:00, RNC Academy vs Phoenix Blaze

Game 2, 10:10, London Elephants vs Birmingham

Game 3, 11:20, Winchester Kings vs Northern Allstars

Game 4, 12:30, Fen Tigers vs Phoenix Blaze

Game 5, 13:40, Birmingham vs RNC Academy

Game 6, 14:50, Northern Allstars vs London Elephants

Game 7, 16:00, Winchester Kings vs Fen Tigers

Game 8, 17:10, Phoenix Blaze vs Birmingham

Game 9, 18:20, RNC Academy vs London Elephants

Game 10, 19:30, Northern Allstars vs Fen Tigers

Day 2 – Sunday 16th June 2024 

Game 11, 08:50, Birmingham vs Winchester Kings

Game 12, 10:00, RNC Academy vs Northern Allstars

Game 13, 11:10, London Elephants vs Fen Tigers

Game 14, 12:20, Phoenix Blaze vs Winchester Kings

Game 15, 13:45, Bronze, 3rd vs 4th

Game 16, 15:00, Gold, 1st vs 2nd

Pool Standings

2ndFen Tigers
3rdLondon Elephants
4thNorthern Allstars
5thPhoenix Blaze
6thRNC Academy
7thWinchester Kings

Final Placings – awaiting results

Individual Awards – awaiting results

Russell Warnock, Player of the Weekend =

Female Top Goalscorer =

Male Top Goalscorer =