Caleb Nanevie crouched in front of a goalball goal talking to two younger players.

Each Thursday we want to put the spotlight on a person involved with goalball – from players, officials, coaches, or anyone

This week we caught up with Caleb Nanevie!

What club do you play for or coach?

I play for Northern Allstars and GB Men and I’m also a coach at South Yorkshire Goalball Club.

South Yorkshire medal photo with novice and intermediate players wearing their silver and bronze medals.

How did you discover goalball?

When I started studying at RNC. I was more into football and athletics at the time, but my friend convinced me to go along to a goalball session. I really enjoyed it so started playing regularly. When I returned home to Sheffield, I started playing for South Yorkshire at Intermediate level and then when I progressed to Elite level, I started playing for Northern Allstars. I was invited to my first GB training camp in 2015 and went to my first European Championships in 2016.

Is there a particular song, artist or genre that you listen to before a tournament to get in the mood? Or anything you’re loving at the moment?

I like rap and grime so artists like Stormzy. In the gym I like listening to Rudimental.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?

Not really, I just like listening to my music.

Caleb Nanevie in a professional GB photoshoot wearing a blue GB shirt.

Do you have a favourite post-match meal?

A burger with sweet potato fries is always good.

Which goalball player do you admire the most and why?

Phil Green as he really helped me to improve when I played for South Yorkshire.

Outside of goalball, what other hobbies/sports do you do?

I enjoy going to the gym. I also like reading, travelling and going to gigs and festivals.

Finally, what place, anywhere in the world, is on your bucket list to visit and why?

I’d like to go to the Maldives – mainly because there is nothing much to do there other than lie around and be lazy!

Caleb Nanevie in a bright red shirt holding a small trophy with a big smile!

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