During the weekend Fen Tigers held their first ever Regional Tournament. It was a tournament designed to give players some pre-season game time as well as providing an opportunity to introduce some new players to the sport.

It was a friendly yet competitive environment which comprised of some outstanding performances by current as well as new players. At the end of the tournament everyone involved was presented with an attendance medal. Another addition to this tournament were the Player of the Tournament Awards. There was one for a Male player and one for a Female player. These awards were put forward to provide recognition for players that excelled on the court and as well as showing good sportsmanship. Everyone involved in the tournament whether they were a player, coach, official or volunteer were allowed to vote.
The winner of the Male Player of the Tournament was Tommy Britton of Croysutt Warriors, and the winner of the Female Player of the Tournament was Emma Tammaro of Cambridge Crazy Diamonds (yes, that’s a Pink Floyd reference).

Goalball UK would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Fen Tigers for organizing and hosting such a fantastic well spirited tournament! It was a very enjoyable day for everyone and proved valuable in preparation for the upcoming season.