Faye Dale refereeing with Cambridge Dons in view

This weekend (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September) sees the first Goalball UK Super League tournament of the season take place at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. 

Nine top ranked teams from across the UK will play against each other in an action-packed two-day event. 

To mark the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II there will be a minute of silence held at the start of each match day. 

The tournament is the first of three across the season. Goals will be scored, points will be awarded, and the league standings will start to form. The top male and female goalscorers are also awarded at each tournament. 

Mark Winder, CEO of Goalball UK said “We are really excited to start the 2022-23 season with the Super League. There will be two days of great goalball action plus a fantastic opportunity for our close-knit community of teams, players, supporters, and staff to get together as well. 

During this period of national mourning, I hope the teams continue to play in the spirit we welcome in the Goalball Family. Continuing to care for one another is an imperative facet of our sport.

The following Super League tournaments will be held on 26-28 January 2023 in the Midlands and 22-23 April in London. 

How to track scores

Scores on the day will be updated on this link

You can also follow the Super League standings across the season on the website

Tournament information

Spectators are welcome at the EIS (English Institute of Sport) in Sheffield to watch the games. Saturday’s event starts at 09:45am with a minute’s silence and Sunday starts at 08:45am with a minute’s silence.

We will also be updating Twitter throughout the weekend.

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