I would like to update you on some news about the management of Goalball UK. Mike Reilly, our CEO, has informed the Board that he intends to move on. He will leave at the end of March and go travelling for a few months .

Obviously this is sad news but after 6 years of working extremely hard to turn round the fortunes of Goalball UK it is understandable that he would like to take a sabbatical. Mike has delayed his decision until the start of the next 4 year investment cycle, of which more news later!

I am sure that we will all be sorry to see Mike go. However we have 5 months to find a suitable replacement and for Mike to hand over the reins. It also gives us plenty of time to organise a proper farewell. However I wanted you all to know before advertisements for a replacement appear and the news gets out.

I will keep you fully informed as things develop over the next few months.



Chair Goalball UK