Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.

Let’s check out what has been going on in the #Goalball world this week!

This week the Paralympics launched its #WeThe15 campaign, with this brilliant video. The campaign aims to end discrimination towards persons with disabilities and act as a global movement publicly campaigning for disability visibility, accessibility, and inclusion.
It was great to see some of the guys at West Yorkshire Goalball Club keeping active before getting back on the court!
After such a long time away, we were thrilled to deliver a Summer Camp again, read all about it here…
Amazing shots from Winchester’s team adventure in Wales!
A familiar face in the goalball family this week is heading to the Paralympics. Robert Avery will be officiating goalball matches at The Games!
And in case you missed the exciting news earlier this week, the first World Goalball Day is coming!

Stay cool #GoalballFamily!