Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.

We hope you enjoy the last weekend before Christmas #GoalballFamily! Check out our latest weekly roundup to get into the festive spirit!

Birmingham Goalball Club made a great combination on Sunday with goalball and food!
Adam Knott of Winchester Goalball Club, on a train at 7am on a Saturday, what could that mean??
RNC Hereford celebrated their first victory of the Intermediate South League against Croysutt Warriors!
#ICYMI, it’s the #12DaysOfGoalballChristmas! Check out day 4 with Helen Lawson of Blackburn Goalball Club!
Keira Mills of Winchester Goalball Club enjoyed making some festive cookies using RNIB’s accessible kitchen implements!
He knows when you’re awake!

Have a great weekend #GoalballFamily!