Last Saturday Goalball players of all levels from across the country travelled to Sheffield for the Goalball UK End of Season Tournament.

Unlike other tournaments, the teams are created on the day, offering players the opportunity to play with players from different clubs, with each given a unique team name (which kept the officials on their toes throughout the day!). The tournament was a huge success, with all players enjoying themselves, despite showing some End of Season fatigue. Congratulations to all those that took part in the tournament!

The End of Season presentation took place following the tournament, where the league winners and top goal scorers from the season were presented with their trophies. The league winners and top goal scorers for the 2014/15 season were:

Novice Region A

Champions – Scarborough

Top Male Goal Scorer – Jerry Woodhead (Scarborough)

Top Female Goal Scorer – Liz Dent (Scarborough)

Novice Region B

Champions – RNC Hereford

Top Male Goal Scorer – Kelsey Trevett (Winchester)

Top Female Goal Scorer – Sue Williams (Winchester)

Intermediate Region X

Champions – Scarborough

Top Male Goal Scorer – Dan Hudson (Scarborough)

Top Female Goal Scorer – Mehreen Akhtar (Kirklees)

Intermediate Region Y

Champions – Birmingham

Top Male Goal Scorer – Adam Young (Birmingham)

Top Female Goal Scorer – Laura Perry (RNC Hereford)

Intermediate Region Z

Champions – Winchester

Top Male Goal Scorer – Ryan Wilcock (Nottinghamshire)

Top Female Goal Scorers – Kali Holder (Winchester) / Georgie Bullen (Leicester)


Champions – Leicester

Top Male Goal Scorer – Frederick Bauch (Leicester)

Top Female Goal Scorer – Laura Perry (RNC Hereford)

This then left 2 awards to present. Firstly, the Player of the Season award. This was awarded to Andrea Logan of Glasgow. Andrea is the driving force of Goalball in Scotland. She is a committed member of the Glasgow team and is part of the GB Women’s Squad. She attends every competition, regularly travelling from Glasgow to Birmingham to do so. She is always full of energy and is a worthy winner of this award.


The final award to be presented was the Service to Sport Keith Lound Memorial Award. This was awarded to Alex Bunney, for whose dedication and commitment to Goalball over the past few years. Goalball CEO Mike Reilly presented the award, acknowledging the work Alex has done to help Goalball grow in the UK to the level it is at today.

Andrea Logan

Alex Bunney