Picture of playing cardsOur ‘Higher or Lower’ League is keeping up some ‘friendly’ competition between clubs whilst there are no goalball tournaments!

In Round 3, an impressive score of 17 from Kerry O’Brien helped maintain Merseyside Sharks considerable lead at the top of the table. Also hitting double figures were Charlie Brown, with a score of 12 to move Cambridge Dons into 2nd place, and Karina Lang who scored 10 to move Winchester into joint 4th place (with Fen Tigers). Despite a good score of 8 from Joe Scott, London Elephants have slipped a place to 3rd.

At the other end of the table, Georgina Hollinshead from Derbyshire Ducks also scored 8 which has resulted in Lancashire Lions now sitting at the bottom after Amjad Khan only managed to score 1. At least this was a marginally better performance than Amber Whaley from South Yorkshire and Charlie Woodhead from Scarborough who both scored a big fat zero!

A special mention to Tom Lancaster from New College Worcester who had the added pressure of all his teammates watching on as he took part in the challenge during a full school assembly! He scored a respectable 6.

The full results for Round 3 are as follows:

Position Club Player Score
1st Merseyside Sharks Kerry O’Brien 17
2nd Cambridge Dons Charlie Brown 12
3rd Winchester Karina Lang 10
4th Fen Tigers Daniel Beddis 9
5th London Elephants Joe Scott 8
= Glasgow Graeme Roache 8
= Derbyshire Ducks Georgina Hollinshead 8
6th Brighton and Hove James Langley 7
= Norfolk and Norwich John Milligan 7
7th Northern Allstars Peter Doyle 6
= New College Worcester Tom Lancaster 6
= Croysutt Warriors Declan Britton 6
8th Phoenix Blaze Niall Geddis 5
= Nottinghamshire Sheriffs Hannah Webber 5
= Birmingham Barbarians Conna Jeffs 5
9th York Philippa Swettenham 3
10th Blackburn Reanne Racktoo 2
11th RNC Meme Robertson 1
= South Wales Catrin Young 1
= West Yorkshire Jade Burniston 1
= Lancashire Lions Amjad Khan 1
12th Scarborough Charlie Woodhead 0
= South Yorkshire Amber Whaley 0

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