Goalball UK has secured funding from Sport England to deliver a This Girl Can project and we are looking to recruit female players, coaches, and officials to join the project group!

This Girl Can in purple text, with a white square as the background. Behind the white square, is a purple square which encompasses majority of the background.

We are looking for people that have a passion for developing opportunities for women and girls and would like to use their experience to shape the project and future Goalball UK delivery.

Our Aims:

  • Understand the barriers to female players participating in goalball
  • Welcome new female players, coaches, and officials to the Goalball Family
  • Increase appropriate court time for current active female players, coaches, and officials
  • Increase the awareness of goalball for female players, coaches, and officials
  • Create an action plan to deliver further opportunities for female players

Upcoming Timeline:

  • September – October 2022 – Project group formation
  • November – December 2022 – Player’s consultation
  • January – December 2023 – Project delivery

Kirsty Mills standing in a purple t-shirt and black shorts, holding up a laminated piece of paper with '10' on it, signifying 10 seconds. In the other hand Kirsty is holding a hooter.

Anticipated Members:

  • 1 x Goalball UK Staff
  • 2 – 4 active female players
  • 1 – 2 active female coaches, volunteers, or officials

As a member of the group, you will:

  • Share your experiences in goalball and facilitate other players to share their experiences to inform the project and future delivery
  • Input into the planning of the activities for the This Girl Can project
  • Actively promote the project within the goalball community and your networks
  • Participate and provide delivery support to the project by attending the events in your region
  • Be a role model for people engaging in the project

The anticipated time commitment for the initial project phase:

  • 8 – 12 planning hours (likely online via Zoom)
  • Up to 4 delivery/playing days in the sports hall likely at weekends or evenings linked to club sessions
  • All reasonable expenses will be paid

South Wales regional team at a timeout with coach for the day Chris Colbert. Family team of sisters Catrin, Bethan, and mother Gwennan are listening to Chris's feedback.

How to get involved:

To express your interest in joining the project group, please provide a written (max 1 side of A4) or video response (max 1 minute 30 seconds) on:

  • Why would you like to join the This Girl Can Project Group?
  • The key skills or experiences you have that would make you an asset to the This Girl Can Project Group.
  • What you would be looking forward to about being involved in the This Girl Can Project Group?

Thinking of where to start with your application? Why not make us of the This Girl Can Project Group – Video or Written response framework to help you to get going?

RNC Ladies regional team standing for their post competition gold medal photo. 4 players are in casual clothing with their coach Meme Robertson who is wearing a navy blue RNC training tracksuit.

Please send submissions to Alex Cockerham (alex.cockerham@goalballuk.com) by 7 pm, Sunday 25th September.

Contact Alex via email or mobile (07975 893924) if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications!