Key update: Maximum of six people social gatherings in England from 14th September

Goalball training sessions and events can take place on the basis they are strictly following the latest Goalball UK Return to Play guidance.

While social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from 14 September, the government’s confirmed that organised sports and activities that have been through return to play protocols can continue, as can organised outdoor sports and physical activity events such as parkrun, which is due to return next month.

People can also continue to use leisure facilities, including gyms and pools – classes within these venues can continue as they are now. People should not go to these venues socially in groups of more than six.

That’s because these sports and activities have stringent plans in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19, and because these venues are classed as Covid-secure given the measures they’ve introduced. The importance of sport and physical activity to people’s physical health and mental wellbeing has also been recognised by the government.

For more info visit the Sport England website here: https://www.sportengland.org/how-we-can-help/coronavirus

Question 1: From a player. When can my club start training?

Answer 1: The Goalball UK guidance outlines the process for clubs to return. There is minimal disruption to the actual game play from a players point of view. As soon as your club implements the guidance they can return. Individual players are welcome to attend Goalball UK events before their club returns to training.

Question 2: Should we be taking the temperature of players before allowing them to join a session?

Answer 2: This isn’t a current requirement from Goalball UK. If your club wish to add this measure you can but consider the logistics of undertaking the check face to face and potentially less than 2m from someone. The Government  in England have also issued advice here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dont-rely-on-temperature-screening-products-for-detection-of-coronavirus-covid-19-says-mhra

Question 3: Do you expect all players to read the guidance before they turn up and play?

Answer 3: It must be available for people to read before ‘opting in’ to sessions. We recommend clubs create a pre-session email or document with the key actions required from people when they return to training.

Question 4: Are guide dogs allowed in the hall?

Answer 4: Yes, we recommend only the owner and their support personnel interact with the dog.

Question 5: The court string is normally retained is this still the case?

Answer 5: Yes, people should sanitise hands before and setting up and breaking down. Disposing of string is not practical and is costly. We recommend only laying the essential lines for training e.g. not the full court.

Question 6: When it comes to the venue check list – what happens if you are not happy with responses – what is the next step?

Answer 6: Discuss with the venue if they can make adaptions, and or consider further adaptions you can take to reduce the risk in the area of concern. Ultimately if you are not satisfied you shouldn’t use the venue. Please seek Goalball UK support and advice if this situation arises.

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