Set up a goalball club

Are you a trailblazer, eager to promote goalball in an area where no club currently exists?

Our ‘Set up a Club’ section provides valuable resources and guidance for enthusiasts looking to establish their own goalball community.

Make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with visual impairments, and create a hub for people of all abilities to come together and enjoy this incredible sport.

Goalball UK will support you every step of the way. Please email us or call 0114 2235670 for an introductory call.

You can also listen to our RNIB Connect Radio Interview about how to set up a club.

What you need to set up a club:

  • A quiet sports hall, and, if it has a volleyball court marked in it it’s a bonus as this is the same size as a Goalball court and you can use these lines for guidance

  • Tape and string to mark out the court
  • A ball that makes a noise, preferably a goalball but if you have youngsters playing it may be advisable to start with a Jingle Ball which is larger and softer than a Goalball, or a Kixz football
  • Padding, to cover elbows, knees, hips, chest (for girls) and groins (for boys)

  • Eyeshades, sleepshades can be used to start with, these are less expensive

  • Goals can be formed from gym benches initially while you get up and running

  • Some willing players!

More details about the equipment needed can be found on our Equipment page.

Get in touch today email us or call 0114 2235670!

A training session group photo, with people holding different sized goalballs (standard blue one, and a youth orange ball). On the right side of the picture, people are wearing red South Wales kit, meanwhile on the left is more casual clothes.