Goalball UK Club Event Grant

The End of Season 2022 group picture, with players, referees, coaches, and staff coming together making up 4 rows with an array of shirt colours like red, yellow, orange, and blue!


All applicants must be affiliated Goalball UK clubs. Your event must focus on one or more of the following development areas:  

  • Beginner players not yet ready for regional level competitions  
  • Women & Girls 
  • Juniors (under 18) 
  • Progression of players between competition levels  
  • Inter club competition  
  • Taster events with partner organisations to recruit new players and or volunteers 

The grant will not fund regular club training sessions.  

Grants are available between £250 – £1,000. If you have an event idea or concept that requires more than £1,000 of Goalball UK grant funding, please contact Alex.Bunney@goalballuk.com to discuss.  

All events must be delivered between October 2023 and December 2024. 

Events funded through the grant will be required to have:  

  • An event risk assessment 
  • A qualified named and designated first aider  
  • A qualified named and designated safeguarding lead  
  • A club bank account for funds to be paid to  
  • Proof of grant spend at the request of Goalball UK, any items over £250 will automatically require proof of expenditure  
  • Participant registers for monitoring purposes
  • Complete post event feedback  

Goalball UK Support 

Goalball UK can provide support with the following:  

  • Applications before submission  
  • Event Planning 
  • Event Scheduling  
  • Event Promotion 
  • Recruitment of Activators & Officials (if required) 

Unfortunately, no in person Goalball UK staff support is available to support events.  


Goalball UK will aim to assess bids and respond to applicants in 4 weeks. If successful, funding will be provided within 4 weeks after Goalball UK has received the grant acceptance paperwork.  

Monitoring and Feedback  

Clubs will be expected to take a register for their event and complete a short feedback form or phone call no later than 4 weeks after the event.  

How to Apply

Please use the online Club Event Grant Application Form to make your application and you can download the supporting information including a draft application form to help you write your bid.

 If you have any questions, please contact Alex Bunney (Participation Lead) by email Alex.bunney@goalballuk.com or call 07716 666771.