Goalball equipment

Eye Shades

goalfix eyeshades

Regulation eye shades for club players can be purchased from:

Whilst soft ‘blindfolds’ can be used by players for informal sessions:


a goalball

Regulation goalballs are 1.25kg from:

Softer and lighter goalballs are available and recommended for younger players and/or informal sessions. Goalball UK endorsed product:


4 rolls of string

Regulation string is 3mm but any kind of string, cord or thin plastic washing line can be used for informal sessions. Alternatively, gym mats or ‘throw down’ lines can be used. Goalball UK recommend:

Court Marking Tape

5 rolls of court tape

The normal width of court marking tape is 50mm. It can be any colour. The key thing is that it provides a good contrast to the playing surface to enable referees to be able to clearly distinguish the lines:

It is advisable to test the tape first on the playing surface you are planning to use to make sure it does not bring up the varnish or the marked lines that are already there.

Goalball Goals

A goalball goal in a sportshall

Goalfix Sports are the Goalball UK recommended supplier of Goalball goals. They make both an international goal that was used at the 2010 Goalball World Championships in Sheffield and a lightweight goal that is used at Goalball UK domestic tournaments across the country. For more information please visit:

Elbow & Knee Padding

elbow pads

Volleyball style knee and elbow pads are available from a number of sports suppliers but Goalball UK recommend :

Hip Padding

Padded shorts

Goalkeeping shorts/trousers are available from a number of sports suppliers and additional padding can be ‘customised’ (e.g. from camping mats!)

Chest Protection

female protective equipment

Chest Protectors for women are available from a number of sports supplier, but Goalball UK recommend:

Groin Protection

male protective equipment

Available from most good sports shops.

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