Volunteering & Officiating

Want to volunteer at Goalball UK events? Goalball UK is committed to supporting and developing volunteering. You don’t need any qualifications to volunteer with us, all we require is dedication and commitment. Whatever your skill set, our inclusive environment allows everyone to get involved.

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A list of all our tournament dates for the 2020/21 season will be available here once announced


There are 10 officials needed for one game of goalball, therefore we are always looking for budding new officials. Relevant experience of sport sessions is desirable, but not essential. We want our participants to feel welcomed and supported, and it’s important to us that all our volunteers demonstrate confidence, friendliness and good communication skills.

Goalball Activator

Responsibilities of a Goalball Activator Activators will help to run tournaments and goalball sessions, with the aim of getting more people with visual impairments more active more often. As an activator you can get involved through officiating, assisting, coaching, leading, and promoting goalball tournaments and sessions. Being an activator will be a rewarding experience, providing a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, gain confidence, develop skills and overall – have fun!

Why volunteer? There are a number of reasons as to why individuals want to become a volunteer but we find no matter what the motivation all volunteers benefit from:

        Developing existing and new skill sets

        Helping others

        Making a difference in the community

        Meeting new people

        Giving back to the sport

Application Form
Photo of smiling activators and officials on the table at a Goalball UK tournament
Group photo of smiling activators on the table at a Goalball UK tournament
Dyfrigg and Mark table officiating at Goalball UK tournament
Activators from Sheffield Hallam University

Goalball Activator Roles

There are a range of opportunities available at Goalball UK tournaments. Below are the various roles available that will help you identify how you can contribute.

Game Referee – responsible for refereeing each game

Table Officials

  • Main Timer – responsible for timing the whole game. The timer operates the clock which indicates the remaining match time
  • Ten Second Timer – to ensure the 10 second rule is adhered to by the teams. There are 2 ten second times in each match
  • Scorer – responsible for recording the game accurately, time outs, substitutions, goals and medical stoppages

Goal Judge – responsible for indicating if a goal has been scored as well as assisting the referee on substitutions, time outs and returning the ball to the field of play. If you would like to get involved in volunteering but are not keen on coaching or officiating, then maybe the Event Assistant is for you.

Event Assistant – to assist with the running of the event, keeping the off-field teams up to date with match timings and scores. There are also opportunities for social media updates.

Requirements for Goalball Activators.

You don’t need any qualifications to volunteer on the programme, all we require is dedication and commitment. Relevant experience of sport sessions is desirable, but not essential. We want our participants to feel welcomed and supported, and it’s important to us that all our activators demonstrate confidence, friendliness and good communication skills.

Training and Benefits For being a Goalball Activator, you will receive a T-shirt and will be supported by the Workforce Development Officer and club members. We provide full induction training to give you the information, skills and confidence you need to prepare you for your role. All expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation and food for tournaments) will be paid in line with Goalball UK policies.

The role was clearly explained and demonstrations were given to ensure we understood our roles.

Luke, Goalball UK Activator

I had a great time. The staff were very helpful and understanding. The event was well organised. Will definitely do some more volunteering 🙂

Syzmon, Goalball UK Activator

Everyone’s been really friendly and supportive at all the events so thank you!

Magda, Goalball UK Activator

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Volunteering Opportunities within Clubs

Goalball clubs are always on the lookout for extra help and there are many different volunteering opportunities and roles to suit people’s skills. Whether you can spare an hour a week or an hour a day, your time will really make a difference. Clubs need lots of support to keep running, doing things as simple setting up courts and providing transport to and from training and tournaments. Clubs are always excited to have new volunteers,while all clubs need volunteers on the administrative side for roles such as maintaining the website, fundraising or ordering kit.For those of you who prefer to be on the court , there are teaching and coaching roles.

  • Learning new skills and gaining qualifications
  • Putting existing skills to good use
  • Helping to make a difference
  • ‘Giving back’ to your club and wider community
  • Gaining ‘work’ experience
  • Being a part of exciting events
  • The ability to explore a new sport whilst supporting and motivating visually impaired people in accessing sport and physical activity
  • The opportunity to work alongside some of the top VI athletes in the country
  • Making new friends and have fun!


Birmingham Barbarians time out team talk

Goalball has got me out and about in the UK – it has improved my leadership, confidence and team work skills.

Andy, Official/Coach

Goalball has given me an opportunity to become an international coach and formed a career. It has been a great opportunity for me and has been great working alongside these fantastic human beings.

Aaron, GB Woman's Head Coach

I wanted to give something back to a sport and at the time goalball was a new and exciting sport that was looking for officials

Judith, Official

Give it a go! You’ll make lots of new friends who will support you to be the best you can be in whatever role you wish to take from a player, table official or referee. There is a role for everybody.

Chris, Coach

Goalball has opened up a world and community where everyone is striving towards similar goals and achieving great things.

Graham, Coach

Referee Pathway

Able to referee at Novice and Intermediate levels and table officiate domestic elite games
Able to referee at all domestic levels, and table officiate internationally outside of major tournaments (Paralympics) – need 3 years national experience
Able to referee in internationally outside of major tournaments and table referee at major International tournaments – need 2 years of practical national and international experience
Able to referee in all international tournaments including at the Paralympics and World Championships – need 3 years of practical national and international experience