Over the past 2 weekends, Goalball clubs from across the country have played in their respective region’s 3rd and final Intermediate League Tournaments.

Each tournament highlighted the continuing development of the players and clubs, with some fantastic Goalball being played. For full results from these Tournaments, Click Here.


The Medallists for each Region are listed below:

Newcastle Region X Tournament

Gold – North East
Silver – Scarborough
Bronze – Kirklees

Birmingham Region Y Tournament

Gold – South Yorkshire
Silver – RNC Hereford
Bronze – Birmingham

Winchester Region Z Tournament

Gold – Winchester Knights
Silver – Nottinghamshire A
Bronze – Winchester Kings

These Tournaments concluded the Goalball UK Intermediate Regional Leagues. Congratulations to the league winners for each Region:

Region X – Scarborough

Region Y – Birmingham

Region Z – Winchester


Congratulations to the top goalscorers in each Region:

Region X

Male Top Scorer: Dan Hudson (Scarborough)

Female Top Scorer: Mehreen Akhtar (Kirklees)

Region Y

Male Top Scorer: Adam Young (Birmingham)

Female Top Scorer: Laura Perry (RNC Hereford)

Region Z

Male Top Scorer: Ryan Wilcock (Nottinghamshire)

Female Top Scorer [tied]: Kali Holder (Winchester) and Georgie Bullen (Leicester)

For full League Tables and Goal Scorer Tables, Click Here.