Goalball UK launch Online shop to support the growth of our increasingly popular sport.


The shop currently has a selection of branded clothing and sporting accessories such as T Shirts,bags and drinks bottles. This is just the beginning, there are new lines being created as you read this… Goalball UK wants to offer a wide range of quality merchandise that will not only be available for people within the UK but also internationally.


All profits gained from the shop will go directly into the development of goalball in the United Kingdom. Mark Winder, CEO of Goalball UK said: ‘As we seek to grow our sport, it necessary to become less reliant on the public purse to ensure consistent support for our athletes – both at a grassroots and an elite level.’


‘By opening our online shop we are demonstrating our ambitions to be as independent as possible, and so less vulnerable to fluctuations in government funding.’

Click here to go to the shop.