Wednesday 15th April 2020

Dear Goalball Community,

Following the decision to cancel the remainder of the Goalball UK 2019/20 season due to Covid 19, the Club and Competitions Committee have considered how to complete league and goal scorer standings for the season.

The following decisions have been made.

1. National League

Because the season was disrupted with regions and competitions at different stages, not all clubs have been able to choose to enter an equal number of competitions.
Therefore, no National League table will be compiled for this season and no national champions will be declared.

2. South East Region

This was able to complete a full season of competitions at intermediate and Novice levels.
Final standings and goal scoring statistics for this region will be compiled based on the completed tournaments.

3. North and South West Regions

Although these regions’ programmes were disrupted by the cancellation, two complete rounds of tournaments had been held at both Intermediate and Novice levels, and all teams had the opportunity to enter.
Therefore, league tables for Intermediate and Novice competitions in these two regions, and goal scoring statistics, will be compiled based on these completed tournaments.

4. Elite

The Elite season was disrupted, but as with the North and South West regions, two rounds of tournaments had been completed, and teams had the opportunity to enter.
Therefore the Elite league table and goal scoring statistics will be compiled on the basis of these completed tournaments.

A summary of league winners and top goal scorers can be found below.

Congratulations to all the winners! Prizes will be awarded at the next appropriate competition.

The Goalball UK website will be updated in due course. If you require any further details, please contact the committee at

A big thank you to all players, coaches, volunteers and supporters for your efforts during the 2019/20 season. We look forward to seeing you at a Goalball UK event soon.

Stay safe, Stay healthy.


2019/20 League Winners


Elite league winners – Fen Tigers


Intermediate North league – West Yorkshire

Intermediate South & West league – RNC Hereford

Intermediate South & East league – Fen Tigers


Novice North league – West Yorkshire

Novice South & West league – Winchester

Novice South & East league – Croysutt Warriors

2019/20 Top Goal Scorers


Elite league female – Kali Holder (RNC Academy)

Elite league male – Dan Roper (Fen Tigers)


Intermediate North league female – Samantha Gough (York)

Intermediate North league male – Matt Cliff (Merseyside)

Intermediate South & West league female – Lois Turner (Birmingham Barbarians)

Intermediate South & West league male – Mo Ahmed (Birmingham Barbarians)

Intermediate South & East league female – Sarah Leiter (Cambridge Dons)

Intermediate South & East league male – Lee Robshaw (Croysutt Warriors) & Anes Saleh (Fen Tigers)


Novice North league female – Amber Whaley (South Yorkshire) & Sammie Korosi (Lancashire Lions)

Novice North league male – James Woods (Merseyside)

Novice South & West league female – Phoebe Clifton (Winchester)

Novice South & West league male – Bobbie-Jack Spencer-Sallis (Winchester)

Novice South & East league female – Alexandra Ulysees (Croysutt Warriors)

Novice South & East league male – Liam Simpson (Cambridge Dons)


Tuesday 24 March 2:50pm

Dear Goalball Family,

I hope everyone is well during this challenging time. We felt it was time to update you with some important goalball related news. Following long and detailed discussions with Goalball UK staff, other National Governing Bodies and stakeholders we have come to a series of decisions, supported and promoted by the Club and Competition Committee. This includes cancelling all upcoming Goalball UK events and competitions for the remainder of the season.

We are presently working on a Communication Strategy that will be shared with you next week. We want to stay in touch with you while following the guidelines on social isolation. We would love to hear from you on many levels. Our contact details can be found here:

We are in close contact with Sport England and other partners to make sure support is available to help you keep active. We would love to see and hear about some of the ways you are staying active on social media; tag us in at @GoalballUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #StayInWorkOut

Club Training

Based on the latest Government advice Goalball UK advises all clubs to cancel training sessions until further notice. We encourage all clubs and members to follow the government advice regarding social distancing during the coronavirus. The latest information can be found here. For club support please contact


The following tournaments have been cancelled by Goalball UK:

· 21st March, Novice and Intermediate, Bristol

· 28th March, Novice and Intermediate, Sheffield

· 25th & 26th April, Elite, Birmingham

· 16th May, Novice Shield, Sheffield

· 6th June, London Cup, London

· 20th & 21st June, Goalfix Cup, London

· 4th July, End of Season, Sheffield

The Club and Competition Committee is currently reviewing and assessing the options for how the 2019/20 leagues will conclude regarding final standings.

Plans for next season 2020/21 are under review and information will be released when the situation is clearer.