League Winners

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the 2020 – 21 season was cancelled.

2019 – 2020


North – West Yorkshire

South & West league – Winchester

South & East league – Croysutt Warriors


North – West Yorkshire

South & West – RNC Hereford

South & East – Fen Tigers


Fen Tigers

National League

Due the disruption caused by COVID-19 the National League title and placings were not awarded.

Top Goalscorers

2019 – 2020

Novice – North, Female – Amber Whaley (South Yorkshire) and Sammie Korosi (Lancashire Lions)

Novice – North, Male – James Woods (Merseyside)

Novice – South & West, Female – Phoebe Clifton (Winchester)

Novice – South & West, Male – Bobbie-Jack Spencer-Sallis (Winchester)

Novice – South & East, Female – Alexandra Ulysees (Croysutt Warriors)

Novice – South & East, Male – Liam Simpson (Cambridge Dons)

Intermediate – North, Female – Samantha Gough (York)

Intermediate – North, Male – Matt Cliff (Merseyside)

Intermediate – South & West, Female – Lois Turner (Birmingham Barbarians)

Intermediate – South & West, Male – Mo Ahmed (Birmingham Barbarians)

Intermediate – South & East, Female – Sarah Leiter (Cambridge Dons)

Intermediate – South & East, Male – Lee Robshaw (Croysutt Warriors) & Anes Saleh (Fen Tigers)

Elite, Female – Kali Holder (RNC Academy)

Elite, Male – Dan Roper (Fen Tigers)

Player of the Season

The player of the season might be the top player in the league but they may also be someone very different. It could be a player that has made significant improvement across the season, someone who makes newcomers feel welcome at training or tournaments, helps set the standard on and off court with their behaviour and a player likely every coach would have in their team.

2020 – 2021

Tracy, on court in her London Elephants kit

Player of the Season – Tracy Compton

Service to Sport – Keith Lound Memorial Award

This award will go to someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist in the development, facilitation and improved participation of the sport of goalball. They might have taken more responsibility, gone the extra mile, been particularly helpful and all this, very often in a quiet and unassuming way. The award can go to anyone involved in goalball; players, coaches, officials, and volunteers.

Background of Keith Lound

When Keith was involved with goalball he became very aware of what volunteers did for the sport and how the sport would not function without volunteers.  So it is particularly apt that we recognise the contribution that people like him make to the sport every year. For those who do not know about Keith: he came into goalball as a father of a player, in time he became our Chairman, he became a top referee and officiated at the Beijing Paralympics. He led the application and organisation for the Worlds in 2010.   He certainly took on more than he could have foreseen when he first came into the sport that day when he first brought his son along!

2020 – 2021

Scarborough team picture from a competition

Keith Lound Award (Service to Sport) – Dave Potter